Buyers Represented – 3660 Jackson Street, Single Family Home – $18M

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Peggy Economos and Kirk Economos represented the buyers in the purchase of an $18 million home in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights that closed July 23, 2013. Peggy and Kirk Economos reported that the sale is the 2nd highest of the year in San Francisco and the 2nd highest in history in Presidio Heights.

The home, 3660 Jackson Street is considered one of San Francisco’s most exceptional properties and for many that are familiar with San Francisco luxury properties, it is their best loved. It masterfully brings together the elements of location, architecture, and formal-gardens into a rare, one-of-a-kind property.

Peggy Economos, heads the luxury “Estate Properties Division” of Pacific Union International, San Francisco’s leading residential broker. Given Peggy’s market focus and drawing upon her 25 years of San Francisco residential knowledge and experience, Peggy is often aware of high-end opportunities that are not yet public knowledge. She had been tracking 3660 Jackson Street for nearly a year before the property listing was brought to market.

“3660 Jackson Street has had only a few owners since it was completed in 1907 and had been in the same family since last purchased in 1978. It is a property that is widely admired and coveted. The San Francisco residential market has been very hot since early 2012. We knew that when the property came to market, we would have to act fast on behalf of our buyers to avoid a lot of strong competition,” said Peggy Economos.

“Our buyers are wonderful, we particularly wanted them to have this unique property if they gave the go ahead. All indications were positive so we readied a plan and were prepared to execute. When the listing hit, our buyers were the first to tour the property and we delivered an offer that same afternoon. We still had competition but our early action and persistence may have kept additional players from entering the fray. It certainly helped that we had fabulous buyers, they were gracious and decisive,” said Kirk Economos.

The team of Peggy and Kirk Economos has been very successful representing buyers and sellers of high-end properties in this competitive market., the team’s luxury property website, reported that the sale of 3660 Jackson for $18 million and Peggy’s sale of her listing at 2901 Broadway for $28.25 Million in December 2012 represent the two highest recorded prices for San Francisco residential properties since March of 2012.

The house was designed by renowned San Francisco Architect Alfred H. Jacobs (designer of San Francisco’s Curran Theater) and was built in 1907 for Alfred and Rose Sutro. Alfred Sutro a graduate of Harvard University and Hastings School of Law was a partner at Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro and was general counsel for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company.

3660 has a stately and commanding presence on Jackson Street. The Edwardian architecture is clad in rough brick that is embellished with climbing Ficus. The classic 3-story facade is accented with arched floor to ceiling ground floor windows and large second story windows with decorative balconies.

The land area, over 13,000 sq. ft., affords the home both a small front garden and a large and luxuriously formal rear garden. Perched on the heights above the Presidio (the nation’s largest urban national park) the home has generous views of the Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco Bay from every floor and the garden. The interior evokes luxury, openness and comfort.

Peggy Economos and Kirk Economos are luxury residential property specialists that work as agents with Pacific Union International, Christies International at their Presidio Office in San Francisco. They are a wife and husband team with complementary skills that have consistently produce exceptional results for the buyers and sellers they represent.

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