HomesSF – Real Estate Refined


HomesSF has been a www moniker for the real estate business of Peggy Economos for more than 16 years. As an innovator she began providing real estate information on the internet when that practice was in its infancy.

We are carrying on that innovation with a completely rebuilt site that is here to make your real estate research refreshing and easy, to provide stimulating real estate information and to probe some of the profound questions facing our local and global real estate markets.

Peggy and I are connoisseurs of exceptional residential properties and high-end residential markets worldwide. It is no surprise then that HomesSF is designed to satisfy the style and interests of fellow connoisseurs as well as focus on exceptional properties and high-end markets.

HomesSF has search features that allow buyers and sellers to look at the entire San Francisco MLS in one convenient place, with both general and detailed information. Additionally the site presents exclusive features on extraordinary properties that we know our readers will enjoy.

We hope you will continue to follow HomesSF as we deliver interesting and exciting content. We hope also that you will contact us with your comments, suggestions and ideas.

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