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HomesSF features listings in the neighborhoods of the north-end of town and the up-scale city-living neighborhoods we call Urban-LifeStyle. The HomesSF listing tabs allow you to preview home listings in the San Francisco neighborhoods in which we have extensive experience and a long track record of client representation.

The “San Francisco Neighborhoods” tab provides an introduction to the San Francisco Neighborhoods considers their focus neighborhoods. Neighborhood information includes current, historic and anecdotal information. will continue to update the neighborhood pages with new and interesting stories.

Purchasing property is a complex and legal process and this is even more true in San Francisco where the stakes are higher, buyers and sellers tend to be more competitive and things can sometimes get contentious. Real estate is competitive and if you want the best outcome, you need the best representation. You want someone that knows the ropes, knows the properties and knows the players. Perhaps most importantly you need someone that is respected and trusted by the top agents in the city, that ones that handle the great majority of luxury home transactions everyday; you want Peggy Economos and the team at

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