Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle, the Millennium Tower

Urban Lifestyle, the Millennium Tower

San Francisco’s Urban Lifestlye

As development in San Francisco moved South of Market Street a new frontier opened up, Urban Lifestyle residential.

HomesSF.com uses the term Urban Lifestyle to define a style of life that is hip, sleek, and amenity-rich. From trendy converted warehouses and lofts to luxury modern high-rises, this exciting lifestyle appeals to the faster pace of movers, shakers, jet-setters, and entrepreneurs both local and international.

High-rise residential is not new to San Francisco; San Francisco boasts some beautiful and luxurious high-rise residential buildings on Russian Hill and Telegraph Hill for instance. However the type of high-rise residential being built South of Market is urban, edgy and smart.

In the traditional high-rises of Russian and Telegraph hills you can find demur cocktail and dinner parties. If you observe these building in the evenings, most windows are dark by nine or ten at night. The lights in the Urban Lifestyle buildings may go out at 9 or 10 but that’s because the occupants are on their way out to dinner or clubbing.

Many of the Urban Lifestyle residential buildings offer everything a person could want in luxury living, this may include amenities like workout facilities, swimming pools, lounges, restaurants, room service and maid-service. Add to that, the convenience of being located close to the financial district, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and the major methods and routes of transportation and you have compelling reasons to take advantage of this lifestyle.

Peggy and Kirk Economos at HomesSF.com fully appreciate the traditional residences on the cliffs, the heights and the hills of San Francisco but they also share the excitement with those that choose to live the Urban Lifestyle.

San Francisco features low-rise, loft-type, mid-rise and high-rise Urban Lifestyle residential developments. Some offer extraordinary luxury and comfort. There are quite a few properties available and new developments are breaking-ground (we will be offering additional information here soon.)

Purchasing property is a complex and legal process and this is even more true in San Francisco where the stakes are higher, buyers and sellers tend to be more competitive and things can sometimes get contentious. Real estate is competitive and if you want the best outcome, you need the best representation. You want someone that knows the ropes, knows the properties and knows the players. Perhaps most importantly you need someone that is respected and trusted by the top agents in the city, someone that is part of the core group of San Francisco Realtors that handle the great majority of luxury home transactions year after year; you want Peggy Economos and the team at HomesSF.com.

Contact Peggy Economos today at (415) 271-6390 or use this convenient contact form.

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