Kirk Economos – Realtor

Kirk Economos San Francisco Realtor

Kirk became licensed as California real estate agent in 1980. He brings an incredible depth of expertise and experience to the team of Peggy and Kirk Economos.

His accomplishments as a real estate professional encompass:


  • Commercial real estate transactions that include industrial, commercial, hotel and investment properties.
  • Financing of commercial properties through major insurance companies and banks.
  • Development, investment, and management of commercial real estate projects.

Kirk is a Certified Commercial Investment Member, “CCIM”. There are only about 15,000 CCIMs worldwide and they are recognized as experts in investment and financial aspects of real estate. Among their ranks are brokers, asset managers, developers, institutional investors, commercial lenders, and other allied professionals.

The rigorous and lengthy qualification path to become a CCIM has afforded Kirk invaluable experience and education in the analysis and feasibility of real estate transactions and markets.

Kirk Economos is skilled in computer science and information technology. He is an accomplished photographer and has also worked professionally in graphic design, web design and advertising.

As a team, Peggy and Kirk Economos offer a dynamic package of real estate representation that delivers exceptional results with creativity, precision, professionalism and grace. Kirk and Peggy have a very popular online presence known as

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