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Telegraph Hill rises to height of 274 feet from the bay. Iconic Coit Tower tops the hill and is a landmark that all who visit San Francisco will remember. With close proximity to the downtown waterfront the hill was settled as early as 1800.

In 1849 a tower was erected that held two semaphore arms that would signal downtown dock-workers, merchants, financiers and speculators what ship and what cargo was coming through the golden gate . On a historic day in October 1858, the semaphores on Telegraph Hill announced California’s Statehood signaled from a ship the Oregon, as it sailed through the Golden Gate.

The Bohemian tradition is incredibly rich in San Francisco and Telegraph Hill and North Beach have played a major role. At the turn of 19th century San Francisco was a beacon for artist and intellectuals that for many of the time was brighter than Paris, New York and Chicago as the creative center.Long-haired Bohemians known as the “Fuzzy Bunch”, which included Maynard Dixon, Jack London, George Sterling, Ina Coolbrith and many others lived here. San Francisco was no place to get rich but you could get a studio on Telegraph Hill for as little as $8 a month and a full meal and glass of red wine at an Italian family restaurant for $.25.

Even in to the 1920s many of the streets on Telegraph Hill were not paved, sheep grazed, and there would be lively celebrations when the many Italian families crushed the grapes harvested on the hill. Walk the streets of North Beach and Telegraph Hill and that Bohemian energy and authenticity is still very much alive.

The shops are varied and eclectic. Here you will find many of the best Italian restaurants, delis and bakeries in the city and bocce ball in the park. Allow yourself to drift a moment in a sidewalk cafe and you could be in “The Village” or in a Paris Cafe but don’t drift too long, this neighborhood and the rich assortment of people in it are far too fascinating to miss.

Here is an edited excerpt of our Pacific Union website’s description of Telegraph Hill:

Telegraph Hill is one the city’s oldest neighborhoods. Today Telegraph Hill is home to the largest concentration of pre-1870 buildings in San Francisco, some of which predate the gold rush.The neighborhood still bears witness to those glory days. As ships unloaded their cargo, a quarry at Telegraph Hill supplied the rocks they needed for ballast, and today the exposed cliff face above Broadway remains one of the neighborhood’s defining features.

Telegraph Hill is famed for its Italianate homes, Carpenter Gothic, and charming cottages with their steeply pitched roofs and ornate wooden scroll work. Those examples of old San Francisco are joined by newer additions including modernist homes by noted architects Richard Neutra, Gardner Dailey, and William Wurster.

While steep, the slopes of Telegraph Hill lead to the financial district, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the waterfront, making this an extremely walkable neighborhood. The Filbert Street Steps, one of the many wooden walkways that crisscross this community, provide a pathway up the hill from Levi Plaza.

I cannot mention Telegraph Hill without mentioning the large flock of Cherry Headed Parrots that call the hill their home. Once an escaped pair of pets, these raucous renegades can now be seen flying in several flocks of 20 or more. They may announce themselves nosily but they are beautiful to behold.

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